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SL-620S Automatic Aligning Rewinder


Technical parameter:

Maximum operation width:1600mm

Motor power:1.5kw

Voltage:220V/ 380V

Dimensions(L*W*H): 1500*2600*1500mm

1. The machine is suitable for BEMIS, adhesive paper,ordinary paper and other materials.working width :1600mm, widened and customized.

2. This machine has high production efficiency and simple operation. It is equipped with the functionof automatic electric eye on the side to roll the cloth. The material after winding is neat, smooth and wrinkle-free.


3. The winding and releasing configuration has the fun-ctions of tension adjustment, frequency conversion and speed regulation.No matter what the material canbe divided and rolled, can also be divided and rew-inding materials.


4. The machine can adjust the material tension and loosen separately.The spreader and spool are equippedwith an airlift shaft and a high end brake system.

5. The speed of rolling cloth adopts variable frequencystepless speed regulation, and the tightness can be adjusted at will.

6. The pneumatic shaft is equipped with automatic lifting function.

7.The machine operation is simple and easy to unders-tand, ordinary workers can operate.

8. Equipped with foot switch control.