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SL-690SR Magic eye aligning Multi-functional Bias Cloth Rewinder

SL-690SR Magic eye aligning Multi-fuctional bias cloth rewinder


Technical parameter

Maximum operation width :2100mm

Dimensions(LxWxH) : 2650×1050×1600mm 

Motor power : 6kw 

Rewinding speed :0-40y/min

Voltage : 220V/380V/ 50Hz

Compressed air connection is required:0.4MPa-0.7MPa


  • Variable frequency speed adjustment of tension, avoid  fabric stretching

  • With the function of pulling cloth,with the function of blowing edge.

  • Roll cloth can be adiusted at will.

  • With the import code table,meter code conversion at any time,can be set automatic stop.

  • The speed of fabric winding is steplessly adjusted by the high-frequency device, and the fabric rolls can be operated by jogging to facilitate fabric unwinding operation;

  • With the electric eye automatic edging function for fabric winding, the fabric winding is more uniform, and the material loss is minimized.

  • The pressing shaft is equipped with pneumatic lifting function, easy to operate and labor-saving.

  • Equipped with automatic moving twill Angle adjustment mechanism, adapt to different twill cloth width, simple, flexible and accurate operation.

  • Equipped with foot switch control.