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Magic eye aligning Multi-functional Bias Cloth Rewinder


Technical parameter

Maximum operation width :2100mm

Dimensions(LxWxH) : 2650×1050×1600mm 

Motor power : 6kw 

Rewinding speed :0-40y/min

Voltage : 220V/380V/ 50Hz

Compressed air connection is required:0.4MPa-0.7MPa


Variable frequency speed adjustment of tension, avoid  fabric stretching


With spreading cloth,is to increase spreading frame,

spreading can be rolled,without the assistance of 2 workers,save artificial.


With the function of pulling cloth,with the function of blowing edge.


With imported Taiwan sanpan motor, with imported Taiwan  longxing inverter.


Roll cloth can be adiusted at will


With the import code table,meter code conversion at any time,can be set automatic stop.


The winding speed is stepless regulated by frequency  converter, and the winding speed can be operated by    Inching.


It is equipped with the automatic edging function of  winding cloth electric eye, which can make the winding    cloth more neat and reduce the material lossTo a minimum


The pressing shaft is equipped with pneumatic lifting function,easy to operate and labor-saving.