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SL-2500II senior (double conveyor)garment fabric shrinking

SL-2500II senior (double conveyor)garment fabric shrinking


SL-2500II senior (double conveyor)garment fabric shrinking  and forming machine

Technical parameter:
Shrinking width:2050mm
Convey form:high temperature mesh conveyer belt
Steam consumption:200kg/H>0.4Mpa
Conveying speed:l-25y/minute
Adjustable temperature limits:125°c-185°c
Footage measurement: imported Yard/Meter Power: 26 kw
Power supply:380V 50Hz 80 A
Save steam consumption and power

1.Suitable for various fabric, including knitted/ woven fabric and jeans fabric etc
2.Perfect hand feeling, softness and luster after shrinking and forming
3.Less power and steam consumption
4.Automatic fabric unfolding supervised by stepless speed regulating electronic eyes
5.Stepless speed regulating mesh conveyer belt
6.Stepless speed regulating abutted seam disk
7.Fabric shaking device
8.Steam preheating of machine
9.Free of water dribble
10.Temperature can be adjusted as high as 185°C