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SL-2011AS Computerized Fully-automatic Strip Cutter

  • Technical parameter:

Band width: from 5mmto 1680mm 

Maximum operation width:2200mm

Output each workday:2000m~6000m(10mm~35mm) 

Maximum roll diameter:Ф280 mm Blade diameter:Ф400mm

Power:220V/380V,Single phase/ Three phase


Character :

  • The machine is suitable for BEMIs, adhesive paper ordinary paper and other materials working width 1600mm. widened and customized .

  • Microcomputer programmed data input, visual interface for operation and easy & confortable start up.

  • Programmed data control, Servo motor drive, accurate size for the needs, five different sizes( toggle between English and metric units) of cutting on the same cloth beam; once the machine is started, it can complete cutting once in a time.

  • Magic eye for the monitoring of cutting, electronically-tuned cutting rate, electronic transduction for the principal axis of cutter.

  • Magic eye for the moniorne manual or antomatic knife sharpener and sharpener; the time for pause can be set and the sharpeners can work simultaneously.

  • English and Chinese operator interface for easy operation by workers from other countries.

  • Automatic shaft resetting system, automatic return to position after loading fabric.

  • Slitting accurately for different material ( Not only fabric but also some film, polyster etc.

  • Completely enclosed blade for a high safety factor.

  • The machine has its own cooling function.

  • Digital input to set the blade size. setting more accurate

  • Electronic adjustment of blade moving distance, improve cutting efficiency.

  • The machine can only be started after lifting

  • Button Feed can control speed.

  • The parameter can be reserved after emergenay shutdown.

  • The speed of feeding section can be control separately.