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SL-2016AS Computerized fully-automatic strip cutter

SL-2016AS Computerized fully-automatic strip cutter


Technical  parameter:
Band width: from:3mm to 1680mm
Maximum width for loading:1950mm
Maximum roll diameter:Φ280 mm
Blade diameter: Φ400mm

Need to connect to air compressor: 0.4 - 0.8Mpa
Voltage :220V/380V/50Hz

Machine dimension(L×W×H):3000×I250×1400mm

 Product character:
1.Microcomputer programmed data input ,visual,visual interface for operation and easy &comfortable start-up.
2.Programmed data control,step motor drive,accurate size for the needs, five different sizes of cutting on the same cloth beam;once the machine is started,it can complete cutting once in a time.
3.Magic eye for the monitoring of cutting,electronically-tuned cutting rate,electronic transduction for the principal axis of cutter.
4.Magic eye for the monitoring ,manual or automatic knife sharpener and sharpener,the time for pause can be set and the sharpeners Can work simultaneously.
5.Chinese & English operator interface for easy operation by workers from other countries.
6.Vacuum unit  to remove excess trimmed material and sharpening dust.
7.Automatic chuck, raise work efficiency of 35%.

8. Automatic shaft resetting system, automatic return to position after loading fabric.

9. Auto-sensing the fabric roll diameter and Auto control feeding speed.

10.Auto found the fabric roll edge and cutting.

11.Auto check the blade diameter and Auto-adjust the distance.

12.Auto main shaft supporting device.

13.Completely enclosed blade for a high safety factor.

14.The machine has its own cooling function.

15.The machine can only be started after lifting.

16.Button Feed can control speed.

17.The parameter can be reserved after emergenay shutdown.

18.The speed of feeding section can be control separately.